Hi, I’m Gopal. I’m an undergraduate who’s interested in films and technology. My pronoun is he.

I go by the handle kayg or kayg04 across the internet.

This Website

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A Bit of Tech

My love for Linux surfaced two years after my love for cinema when I decided to start reading the book, a friend on Facebook had recommended a few years before. The book marked my entrypoint to the *nix world and I started playing with my computer by installing buying and installing ZorinOS. Little did I know what Free Software meant and yet, cut to two months of distro-hopping, my buddy Kris was helping me install the distribution I would grow to love but at the time, weed arch meant doing what the cool kids did.

I had a Surface Pro 4 which worked decently with Windows but a terrible device to install Linux on: the surface pen and the battery died after a year from purchase, proprietary WiFi drivers which required compiling a custom kernel, the display would start flickering heavily after some usage and Connected Stand-by instead of S3 Suspend which meant if I wanted to move the device, I had to hibernate it or shut it down.

Eventually, I got a Thinkpad X1 Carbon (6th Generation, which is what I currently use) with the naivete of using FreeBSD as a daily driver (thanks to Donovan Nagel’s YouTube Channel). That lasted for two days which I spent figuring out solutions to problems other than software compatibility; things like delayed sleep and resume which was a deal breaker for me.

So here I am, making this post on the glorious arch that made me.

A mm of film

It all started in 2015. Someone in some Facebook group posts about this crazy, pervy film called Love Exposure (2008), dir. Sion Sono. Next thing I know, it’s 5 in the morning and I am overwhelmed with this eerie feeling of liberation and happiness. Simultaneously, I was crying and I couldn’t stop feeling multiple things at once. What.. how. Who is this Sion Sono? More importantly (perhaps!), why hadn’t I felt the same way in the many years of existence? Thus, cinema became a way of expression, of absorbing and reflecting and thinking; somehow it was no longer a means to mere entertainment or escapism.

Cut to two years later, I discovered Hong Sang-soo and cinema suddenly became personal. A notable instance is one where I almost lost an incredibly close friend because of how deeply Like You Know It All (2009) (a pal keeps telling me it’s my favourite Hong but it’s so hard to pick one) had affected me. You can talk about cinema, analyze its social and political radius, argue about form and structure. All of that happens only when you are able to distance yourself from the film or wait until you’re able to. Since then Hong Sang-soo has become my favourite filmmaker but his films are yet to appear on any of my “favourite” lists.

There was an entire year where I couldn’t find a balance between work and film. I would work for 12 hrs a day, busy with one random self-imposed task to avoid another but I hadn’t the commitment to put on a 90-minute feature. I thought of quitting for good but occasionally, I would reiterate bits of Takaki’s monologue in the train; I would walk around, feeling every breeze that blows past as if I were a Malick character. Eventually…? I decided that this had to stop.

There is no exile from cinema.



I have two blogs

I haven’t written about films in a long time. My prime seemed to be the first three reviews you’d find on the site about Hong Sang-soo. That was back in 2017. I try to scribble something now but find myself failing in the first paragraph itself. This might be because I do not feel confident about the existing workflow which makes me think my writing will not scale. It is likely to change in the coming weeks.

I recently started writing some technical content which I’ve thought of starting from sophomore year at college. Months of procrastination and pushing myself later, I finally have something worthwhile to show. This blog will consist of content surrounding privacy, software, hardware, stories / experiences, guides / tutorials, etc. I have been trying to write one blog post per day but I’m sure the pace will slaken as I get older.

People I follow around the internet

Here are a few people whose writing interests me, listed alphabetically:

I got to know Amolith through his fantastic website, NixNet where he hosts a variety of open source software, free for anyone to use. His RSS Bridge has been particularly helpful for subscribing to people I know on non-free networks like Twitter or Instagram.

I met Sanchita earlier this year at a film festival. We talked about the movies we had seen and debated on genre and subgenres, and discovered that we had similar taste in cinema. Soon I found out she writes wonderful poetry and I have been a fan since.


I host a few services that you may find useful. A detailed description could be found below. For private services, send me a text via email or telegram to get an account.

NameUsecaseAlternative ToVisibility
BitwardenManage passwordsLastpassPublic
CryptpadCollaborative document editing suiteGoogle DocsPublic
JirafeauShare files over the internet!MediafirePublic
NextcloudCloud storageGoogle DrivePrivate
NitterTwitter but not reallyTwitterPublic
PrivatebinShare text securelyPastebinPublic
SearXSearch any part of the internetGoogle SearchPublic
TheLoungeIRC in your browserWeechatPrivate
YOURLSMake links easy to rememberbit.lyPublic