People I follow

I got to know Amolith through his fantastic website, NixNet where he hosts a variety of open source software, free for anyone to use. His RSS Bridge has been particularly helpful for subscribing to people I know on non-free networks like Twitter or Instagram.

I met Sanchita in 2020 at a film festival. We talked about the movies we had seen and debated on the inter-section of genre and subgenre, and discovered that we had similar taste in cinema. Soon I found out she writes wonderful poetry and I have been a fan since.

Drew is notorious for writing very well-thought out articles on software to churning out flame-bait, both of which I am a fan of.

Saura is somebody I knew of throughout high school but only really connected in 2019. Since then we’ve bonded over discussions of privacy, movies and tech in general.

I haven’t written about films in a long time. My prime seemed to be the first three reviews you’d find on the site about Hong Sang-soo. That was back in 2017. I try to scribble something now but find myself failing in the first paragraph itself.

I recently started writing some technical content which I’ve thought of starting from sophomore year at college. Months of procrastination and pushing myself later, I finally have something worthwhile to show. This section will consist of content surrounding privacy, software, hardware, stories / experiences, guides / tutorials, etc. I have been trying to write one blog post per day but I’m sure the pace will slacken as I get older.


I host a few services that you may find useful. For private services, send me a text via email or telegram to get an account.

NameUsecaseAlternative ToVisibility
BitwardenManage passwordsLastpassPublic
CryptpadCollaborative document editing suiteGoogle DocsPublic
JirafeauShare files over the internet!MediafirePublic
NextcloudCloud storageGoogle DrivePrivate
NitterTwitter but not reallyTwitterPublic
PrivatebinShare text securelyPastebinPublic
SearXSearch any part of the internetGoogle SearchPublic
TheLoungeIRC in your browserWeechatPrivate
YOURLSShorten linksbit.lyPublic
Overview of services


This website is made with:

  • WordPress, which is a great CMS for people who don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of web design and also for the lazy such as myself who prefer to spend the time doing something else. I’ve already written about my reasoning for choosing WP.

  • Gutenberg, the block editor, which is great for easily chaining together multiple elements into a group with a simple drag and drop of the cursor.

  • Twenty Twenty-One, the default theme for this year which, much like its predecessor, makes for a great starting point for your own variance of the design.

  • Twentig, a plugin which highly extends the feature set provided by all the tools above.