Previously Index Notes

Previously titled, “Index Notes”, this is a section of my Zettelkasten that is dedicated to grouping information (Permanent Notes) together and classifying / categorising them into their subsections if possible. These notes will be a superset and/or contain a map of content for a given topic / project / idea.

Tags for notes of this folder includeprojectreference and their subtags. Since some topics could both be a project and a reference (like Ceph, which is something I write about in the process of continually learning through work and/or experimentation but it is also for my own reference should I forget), I feel like it’s important to define how I view them:


  • Something that has a due date, that is, it has state changes: backlog, to-do, finished OR
  • Something that involves priorities and can be weighed against in a Kanban board. For example, learning ceph over learning kubernetes would net me a greater benefit sooner since the former relates to my present career while the latter is mostly for homelabbing AND
  • Something that has bits and pieces added to it over the course of time


  • An initiative with no due dates OR
  • A piece of literature or media that does not involve a priority AND
  • Adding information to it has little to no urgency and can be done so whenever desired or at random

So, learning prospects will always be projects, simply because I am at a point of time in my life where shit needs to be prioritised. Self-improvement topics will always be references since they do not hold a period of definite start or definite end.

Can projects be references and vice versa? Truth be told, I don’t know yet. I’ll figure it out as this Zettelkasten grows. If all of this seems confusing, here’s a cover of one of everybody’s favourite songs to enjoy.

Reference Notes: