Wordpress → Quartz

The migration is complete. Wordpress was still temporarily active to give me ample time to migrate posts. However, as open source goes, somebody somewhere has attempted something similar and my job was made easy. After fixing a few broken links (not caused by the tool, rather by scaled images on wordpress), all my posts are now a 1:1 representation of how they were written a long time ago (though I don’t share some of the same views right now) and now live in the archive. The viewer might see a strange “Updated” date but that’s because of how Quartz works.


I have substituted Cloudflare Analytics for Umami, which are privacy friendly. For instance, this is what my analytics page looks like at the time of writing this. Most of these views are generated by me visiting the wordpress archives after import.

More Providers for Comments

Comments (powered by Remark42) now supports multiple providers including Email, Github, Google, Microsoft and Telegram. Apple as a SSO provider is not possible right now because it requires me to pay 99$/year for the developer membership.

Uses page

Lastly, there’s now an [[uses|updated /uses page]] on my website that lists all the hardware and software that power my workflow in the daily work and play. I have since then made improvements to my software setup with Raycast and BetterTouchTool with the hope of a truly deserving keyboard warrior title, which warrants a post of its own.. sooooon™.

As always if you face any issues with the changes, please let me know via comments or email.