❔ Why do it?

Wordpress is a fantastic CMS, no doubt, something which I have relied on since my early days of self-hosting in 2019. However, the problem wasn’t related to software; it was more mental. The more I interacted with Wordpress, the more I wanted to change things around. Maybe the search button should be bigger, maybe there’s a better colour scheme that fits my tempo, maybe I can speed up my website by yet another few milliseconds, maybe comment boxes having a white background on a dark theme was too contrasty, maybe… you get the point! Every time I would muster up the willpower to write something, a design element or an infrastructure element would seem more appealing in the moment. It was a path of optimisation beyond reason.

Therefore, to restrict myself, and to make writing easier, I decided, “why not make the place I already write, Obsidian, or at least a part of it, my public website?”

🎤 How did you do it?

I still haven’t! However, these are the indicators of progress made until now.

Things yet to be done are being tracked in my personal task manager, TickTick, as Obsidian task reminders are so so. Once finished, they will appear as a note on this page.